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FGBFF 2019: Midnight Movies Short Film Block Review

Midnight Movies… A movie phenomenon that began in the 1950s that has continued throughout the decades. Usually considered a low budget and/or cult movie, with a creature of some sort running amuck, and shown with a host such as Joe Bob Briggs (read our interview with him here) or Elvira. Later …

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It’s Never Been Better to be Antisocial in the New Trailer for ‘Friendsgiving’

A little while back I reviewed the horror comedy, Friendsgiving (read my review – here). It was a fun and tasty horror story I would recommend to anyone. I mean who doesn’t love holiday horror films. If you don’t, we can’t be friends… Just kidding. Or am I? Anyway, check out …

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‘Friendsgiving’ (2018) Short Film Review – What Are Friends For?

I love holiday-themed horror movies, and I’ve always wanted more Thanksgiving ones. Luckily for me, I got this with the new horror comedy, Friendsgiving, a fun story about a time where friends can get together, catch up, and lend a hand or two… This horror comedy short was directed by Samantha …

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