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Unsettling Real-Life Parallels in XYZ’s AI Drama, ‘THE ARTIFICE GIRL’

The Artifice Girl

ThouFuturistic Drama ‘The Artifice Girl‘ imagines a reality exceptionally close to ours. With all the advancements of artificial intelligence, and traipsing around in the Uncanny Valley, there are a lot of incredible and frightening possibilities. In ‘The Artifice Girl‘, the idea of AI crossing the line from a controlled program …

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XYZ Films Has Acquired The AI Sci-Fi Film, ‘The Artifice Girl’

XYZ Films has just acquired the rights to director Franklin Ritch’s (Bedridden) sci-fi film, The Artifice Girl. The film stars Tatum Matthews (The Gift), Lance Henriksen (Aliens), and Sinda Nichols (J Doe). The film world premiered at Fantasia Festival, with its US premiere last week at SXSW. Synopsis: The story …

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