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‘Level 16’ (2018) Movie Review

Level 16 comes from the creative mind of Danisha Esterhazy (The Banana Splits – upcoming). The movie was obviously a labor of love for her, as she both wrote and directed it. The story follows a gaggle of young girls in what is meant to be a boarding school. It …

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Fantasia Fest 2018: ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ Will Rattle You

tigers are not afraid

Fantasia Film Festival is underway, and if you’re attending, you may want to invest in a box of Kleenex before seeing Tigers Are Not Afraid (Spanish title: Vuelven). The profoundly moving film comes from writer/director Issa López, and follows a group of young children who have been personally victimized by the Mexican drug …

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[Cinepocalypse 2018] ‘Mainline’ Review: Time Travel Ain’t Easy


As someone who desperately wants to revisit the 1990’s and convince my parents not to give their eldest son a bowl cut before his first year of school, I’m just not ready to give up on the possibility of time travel. If there’s one thing to be expected about the …

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TTCF 2018 Film Review: ‘The Stranger’ Will Give you Trust Issues

the stranger

The internet can be a terrifying place. There are tremendous benefits, sure, but far too often, the web serves as a veil for scumbags to hide behind. The Stranger, Nicole Nielsen Horanyi’s semi-documentary, highlights one such case, and will surely make you think twice before giving your trust to someone …

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Movie Review: Regionrat (2018) Suffers From Identity Crisis

**The following review for Regionrat is spoiler free.** I hail from Sanford, North Carolina. To the passersby heading into larger cities such as Raleigh or Fayetteville, we’re a simple, small town in the center of the state. They’re surely aware that there’s no real excitement happening here in Sanford, save …

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‘The 12th Man’ (2018) is a Triumphant Tale of Survival

The 12th Man still

The following review of The 12th Man is spoiler-free. If you’d told me fifteen years ago that the director of the Frankie Muniz-starring Agent Cody Banks was capable of crafting one of the greatest World War II films ever made, I probably would have hit you over the head with …

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Alley Trash, A Choose Your Own Adventure Horror Film

Alley Trash is a brand new short film from Luke Meneok. The major difference between this and other short films, though, is that you get to choose how this one turns out. Inspired by the old Choose Your Own Adventure book series, viewers navigate through the story by picking between …

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Inside (2017): A Mysterious Short Film From Castle View Studio

It’s always interesting to see what people can do on a low budget. It’s even more interesting when you see what they can do in a short amount of time. Inside, the latest short film from Philip Thomas Morelli and Italy’s Castle View Studio, has an interesting premise with the potential …

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Capture Kill Release (2016) – Movie Review

Capture Kill Release was a love letter to found footage horror and psychopathic couples! Hearing two people nonchalantly talk about killing someone is almost comedic when you think about it. You’re actually hearing a casual conversation about murder! That’s the kind of morbid humor I love in a film!  (Synopsis …

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Southbound (2015) – Review

Anthology films are often hit or miss. Even the greatest horror anthologies aren’t without their weaker segments. It’s difficult to maintain a level of consistency, especially in anthology films that call for different writers and directors for each segment. Is Southbound an exception to those weaker segments? Not entirely, but …

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