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Fantasia International Film Festival 2022: Interview With Filmmaker Andy Mitton For ‘The Harbinger’

Now that this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival has wrapped, I have been reflecting on the amazing movies I was able to watch. There are several reasons Fantasia is one of my favorite festivals, and the fantastic films are just a part of it. One of the best ones I …

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Fantasia International Film Festival 2022: Interview With Filmmaker Addison Heimann For ‘Hypochondriac’

I’ve been really lucky to see some pretty amazing films at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival. But the one that has really stuck out the most for me is Addison Heimann’s queer horror thriller about mental illness, Hypochondriac. Based on a real breakdown, Hypochondriac has been on my mind, …

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Frontières At Fantasia Announces Official Selection Projects


Frontières returns to the Fantasia International Film Festival for the 11th edition of its co-production market in 2019. Frontières at Fantasia is pleased to announce its complete Official Selection line-up of 20 international genre projects in advanced development and early financing! From The Frontières at Fantasia Press Release For the …

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Fantasia’s ‘The Night Watchmen’ (2016) Horror Movie Review

As the zombie subgenre finally fades away, it seems as though two new subgenres are taking its place – if the horror movies coming out in the past year mean anything, anyway. So far, we’ve got sharks (Sharknado 5, Meg, Empire of Sharks, House Shark, Cage Dive, and Shark Lake, …

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Fantasia 2017’s ‘Super Dark Times’ (2017) Movie Review

Boys will be boys. Isn’t that how the saying goes? For four teens hanging out in upper New York state, an afternoon of bike riding and girl watching turns deadly in Super Dark Times. Premiering at the Fantasia International Film Fest on July 13th, Super Dark Times was directed by …

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Marilyn Manson Wants to Make You a Martyr

Horror fans and critics lucky enough to attend the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal last week can’t stop raving about Let Me Make You a Martyr, written and directed by Corey Asraf and John Swab, and staring “Antichrist Superstar” shock-rocker Marilyn Mason. Official Synopsis: A cerebral revenge film about two …

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