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Michael Lombardi’s ‘THE RETALIATORS’ (2022) Blu-Ray Review

The Retaliators (2022)

I’m a huge fan of revenge films, low-budget horror films, and heavy metal. It stands to reason that the indie horror/revenge film The Retaliators, which stars and features music from some of the biggest bands from the rock/metal scene, would be right up my alley.  Did The Retaliators satisfy my …

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Theatrical Trailer Debuts for Acclaimed Gorefest, ‘The Retaliators,’ Featuring Mötley Crue and Papa Roach

We were lucky to get a chance to check out the horror thriller, The Retaliators (2021 – our review) last year for for the Screamfest Horror Film Festival, and now we’ve just gotten word that the film’s trailer released today, July 13, 2022. The film is directed by Samuel Gonzales, …

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