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The Horror Collective to Release Cronenbergian Horror/Thriller ‘ROT’


Genre distributor The Horror Collective is excited to announce that it will be distributing Andrew Merrill’s nightmarish horror/thriller ROT. Check out the trailer and other details down below! Written and directed by Andrew Merrill (Warm Insides), it was produced by Beth Crudele (The Gift, Fuller House). The film stars Kris …

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Micah Gallo’s ‘Itsy Bitsy’ (2019) A Skin-tingling Movie Review

It’s been awhile since we first talked to Filmmaker Micah Gallo (read our interview with him here) about his eight-legged creature feature, Itsy Bitsy. He had spent years working with Adam Green on the special FX for Frozen (2010) and the Hatchet franchise and was ready to create his first …

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‘100 Acres Of Hell’ Heading To Theaters and Home Video

100 Acres Of Hell

100 Acres of Hell is a slasher film, influenced by the golden age of ‘80s slashers. It was shot and developed by Hank Leigh Hump and writer Jason Koerner. WWE wrestler Gene Snitsky stars alongside wrestling legend The Great Samu (Sam Anoai). It looks like a lot of fun! Check …

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New Anthology Coming Soon from Hex Studios

Hex Studios is excited to announce the upcoming release of a new horror anthology two years in the making, For We Are Many. Check out all the juicy details down below! The film features 13 short films by many up-and-coming directors from around the world such as: Lawrie Brewster, Andrew Ionides, …

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Movie Review: ‘Possession Diaries’ (2019)

I think it’s pretty clear nowadays that it’s never a good idea to play with a Ouija board. Film after film has taught us at least two things about the sinister game: Never play with a talking board by yourself, and never go to production with a weak script. Which …

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Final Trailer Drops For Todd Sheets’ ‘Clownado’!


There’s no shelter from this storm! Yep, we’ve been following Clownado from the beginning. We introduced you to the film and brought you the first news about their crowdfunding campaign, which was a rousing success. The filmmakers smashed their fundraising goal, and now the film is on track to release …

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‘The Possession Diaries’ Drops Official Trailer and Poster

Possession Diaries

Welcome to hell in the new horror story The Possession Diaries. Check out the official poster, trailer, release dater for the film and let us know what you think. Something wicked is coming your way soon… From Uncork’d Entertainment comes a streaming screamfest that will leave one girl possessed and you …

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Interview With Julie Anne Prescott: An Undying Love for Indie Horror

In celebration of Women in Horror Month, I had a blast speaking with Julie Anne Prescott about her countless upcoming film projects and her love for indie horror. Discussing everything from her start as a spokesmodel for Troma Entertainment to the time she was an extra in Rock of Ages …

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Star-filled Horror/Comedy ‘Abnormal Attraction’ Makes the Festival Circuit

Horror comedies are one of my very favorite genres of horror movies. If a film can balance scares with laughs, then you can be sure I will want to check it out. Sometimes, the filmmakers even managed to get meta and call attention to the horror community at large, like …

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