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“Where Do You Hide When The Dark Is Alive?”- ‘Bats’ (1999) 20th Anniversary Retro Review

The ’90s may be known as the decade that brought back the slasher genre to audiences with Scream, but it is also the decade that brought many creature features to us. Bats (1999) is one of them. Released on October 20, 1999, the film may not be as well know …

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Saw (2004) 15th Anniversary – A Game Changer

Saw (2004) - James Wan and Cary Elwes

I remember sitting in the theater, awestruck, the first time I saw the trailer. I want to say it was during the previews before Freddy vs. Jason. I can’t remember the exact moment, because let’s face it, it was a while ago. What I DO remember was being completely blown …

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‘Unwilling’ (2018) Movie Review: Refreshingly Brilliant, Utterly Disturbing

Unwilling, Levy Tran & Lance Henrikse

From the moment I heard about the new horror film The Unwilling, I was intrigued. Not only does it have a kickass cast (Hello! Lance-freaking-Henriksen!), but the plot sold me right away. For me, it was relatable in some ways. My mom had severe OCD while I was growing up. She’s …

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