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Critical Response Teaser Trailer for ‘Secret Santa’

secret santa

One of my most highly anticipated films of 2018 is Adam Marcus‘ Secret Santa. Although some of my writers (read our review – here) have had a chance to check it out, I still have not and it’s driving me crazy. Everyone is loving this new Christmas slasher horror film and …

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‘NerdGirls’ by Adam Marcus – WiHM Massive Blood Drive PSA 2018

It’s a new day, which means we have a new PSA to share with you. Every day in February a new PSA for the Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive will drop at Midnight. Be sure to check them out. The newest PSA is one I’m sure excited about. …

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‘Secret Santa’ (2018) – Movie Review

What’s worse than spending Christmas with your family when they’re a bunch of assholes? How about when that asshole family starts killing each other? Welcome to Secret Santa. I had the pleasure of attending a screening of this new horror/comedy. The film was directed by Adam Marcus (Jason Goes to Hell: …

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