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New Trailers For Mark Savage’s Gritty Action Flick, ‘Bring Him Back Dead’

Anyone who’s read my review of Mark Savage’s film, Painkiller (2021), knows how much I love that film. Bringing to light the opioid crisis and combining it with a passionate, pissed off avenger who will do anything to try and quell the grief of his daughter’s passing was exactly what …

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Brandon Slagle’s Sci-fi Throwback ‘Crossbreed’ (2019): Movie Review

“We’re kind of in a decadent era of horror because almost every filmmaker, certainly in the United States, that’s working in horror today, is always trying to express a debt to a prior generation,” said the world’s greatest and only drive-in movie critic, Joe Bob Briggs, in an interview with …

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He Sure Looks Like Charles Bronson… ‘Death Kiss’ (2018) – Movie Review

Not since the halcyon days of Bruce Li/Lai/Le has there been a motion picture sold on the intentional deception of its star looking like some other guy. Considering I first caught wind of Death Kiss from a headline that announced Charles Bronson’s return to acting (and from the grave), the …

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