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‘DeepStar Six’ (1989): Not All Aliens Come From Space! – Retro Review

DeepStar Six

Growing up as a teenager in the late ’80s was a blast — especially if you were a sci-fi/horror fan! While the ’80s ushered in the golden era of slashers, genre films like The Terminator, Aliens, and The Fly blended sci-fi and horror seamlessly. Video stores ruled the home entertainment …

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Interview With Kevin McTurk and Christina Kortum, Creature Creators For Peacock’s ‘The Girl In The Woods’

I don’t need to tell horror fans to stay out of the woods. If you don’t know that by now, do you even watch horror? The new original Peacock show, The Girl in the Woods, a drama with monsters based on a series of shorts from Crypt TV, reminds me why …

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The Fly Turns 30! – Retro Review

“Be afraid. Be very afraid!” Thirty years ago, director David Cronenberg brought us The Fly, one of the sickest masterpieces in horror history. From the film’s all-star cast to its impeccable special effects, there are so many reasons why The Fly is still beloved three decades years later. https://youtu.be/7BzwxJ-M_M0 (Synopsis provided …

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