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Double Feature: Larry N. Stouffer’s ‘Horror High’ (1973)/William Grefé’s ‘Stanley’ (1972): Vin Syn 2K Blu-ray Review

Our Vin Syn discussion today includes a double release of drive-in delicacies from Crown International: Larry N. Stouffer’s Horror High/Twisted Brain (1973) and William Grefé’s Stanley (1972). Both films include victimized protagonists, murderous pets, and revenge and are celebrating their first Blu-ray release. From the Vinegar Syndrome Horror High/Stanley page …

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New True Crime Documentary Available on Prime Video

Attention true crime fans! A new documentary directed by Michael Jason Allen is available on Prime Video: Yancey McCord: The Killer That Arizona Forgot About. The film features Chris Robinson (The Intruder), Jaquie Shane (The Rocks TV Series), Mark Speno (What We Become), Anne Gentry (Misfortune), and John H. Euber …

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