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Movie Review: Samuel Vainisi’s ‘Violet’ (2020) A Complicated Revenge Story


I’ve been sitting on this film for some time now because I am a huge fan of the director and wanted to give it the respect and attention it deserved. However, when it comes to assault especially sexual assault, sometimes I’m not able to watch things because it triggers my …

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Gay For Pray: The Erotic Adventures of Jesus Christ (2017) Movie Review

I’ve been a fan of the Rock Bottom Video (The folks behind the Critters-esque Chubbies, the vampire romantic comedy Fangboner, and the love struck bigfoot film The Big F) crew for around a year now and I always look forward to them announcing new projects. When Nathan Rumler announced that …

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Space Babes From Outer Space (2017) Movie Review

I’ve been a fan of Brian K. Williams and Scott Schirmer for about a year now, ever since I ordered a copy of their film Harvest Lake. Since then, I have collected everything that they have been a part of: Plank Face, Found, Headless, Time To Kill, even Legend of …

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Babes, Boobs, and Butts! ‘Space Babes From Outer Space’ Gets A Trailer

From Bandit Motion Pictures, the makers of such films as Harvest Lake and Plank Face, comes their latest film, Space Babes From Outer Space, an 80’s style Sci-Fi Sex Comedy starring a cast comprised of a veritable who’s who of indie horror. Check out the trailer below then read on for all …

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