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Lucky Sevens Film Challenge Films Charity Screening – Las Vegas February 26-27, 2022

We’ve been following The Lucky Sevens Film Challenge since they first announced this unique filmmaking task in March 2021. Seven local filmmakers had a chance at shooting a feature film in seven days with only $7,000 and a crew of seven. That’s a tough one! But now, the challenge is …

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Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2022: Kelly Schwarze’s ‘Abigail Haunting’ (2020) – Movie Review

Continuing our coverage of the Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2022, we had the extreme pleasure of watching the superb 2020 supernatural thriller, Abigail Haunting. Going into this one, we had no idea what to expect, and we we’re absolutely blown away by this amazingly crafted picture. The film is written by …

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