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Interview With V.H.S. : Canadian Horror Metal Band, Violent Homicidal Slasher

I am a self-described underground horror fan, foodie, craft beer enthusiast and death metal freak, so I was thrilled beyond imagining when I got the chance to interview Mike Hochins from Canadian metal band Violent Homicidal Slasher (AKA V.H.S. – check out my review of their album, A Very Merry …

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Human Compost’s ‘Exhumations Of Death And Horror’ (2018) Music Review

Bursting out from the gore-crusted seams of Toronto comes the pulsating feast of death/gore/grind, Human Compost, who have just released a compilation on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions titled Exhumations Of Death And Horror featuring all of the band’s EP material dating back to 2013. Included are the EPs Degradation Of …

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