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Two Clips From Domiziano Cristopharo’s ‘Nightmare Symphony’ (2020) Starring Frank Laloggia And Poison Rogue

Getting the chance to watch Nightmare Symphony (2020 – read our review here) was a great chance to see an amazing love letter to the classic Italian horror director, Lucio Fulci. The film is going to be released on Blu-ray in June. The good people have at Tetro Video have …

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Domiziano Cristopharo And Daniele Trani’s ‘Nightmare Symphony’ (2020): A Beautiful Dream Of Lucio Fulci Inspiration – Movie Review

Growing up before the internet, I would surround myself with horror magazines, reading articles about upcoming movies, interviews with directors, and even where I could buy obscure VHS, DVDs, or t-shirts. Most of the time, I blind bought movies just to see them, build my collection, and appreciate the art. …

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