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BITS Festival 2018 ‘Alive’ – Movie Review

As a fan of extreme horror, it takes a lot of gore to make me uneasy. Having no idea what’s going on, though… that’s freaky. I don’t like being in unfamiliar, uneasy situations, so films like the Saw franchise, Would You Rather? and Tusk – all about being forced into a position …

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She Rises (2017) A Mind Bending Ride Review

If there is one thing you need to know about me, I would say that I love a good, twisted movie that makes my jaw drop and leaves me scratching my head saying, “What the fuck did I just watch?” Of course, then I precede to re-watch it over and …

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Every Saw Film, Ranked!

NOTE: Massive spoilers in this entire article. For those who haven’t seen any of these movies, go watch ‘em first! 2004 was an interesting time for American horror: it was pretty great year, with many big-name movies coming out, but almost all of them were either sequels (Seed of Chucky, …

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