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‘Elevator Game’ (2023) Movie Review – New Levels Of Horror

In what has been a topsy-turvy year for horror, genre fans are always looking for fresh modern voices and new twists on classic concepts. That can definitely be used to describe Elevator Game, the newest Shudder original movie. Let’s travel down to the first floor of this immersive film and see …

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Cinepocalypse 2019: Izzy Lee’s ‘Re-Home’ – Short Film Review

I’ve been a longtime fan of the work of the incredible Izzy Lee (read our interview with her here). She is one director I can count on to consistently blow me away. From her early days making films like Picket (2014), to the unforgettable Innsmouth (2015) with Tristan Risk, to …

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Interview With Actress Amanda Fuller

Amanda Fuller

I jumped on the chance to interview actress Amanda Fuller once I read her resume. Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, Grey’s Anatomy, Orange is the New Black… and that’s just the TV shows! Having just finished watching her latest film, All the Creatures Were Stirring (you can read our review here), …

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Interview With Actress Ashley Clements

One of the most highly anticipated scary movies this year was All the Creatures Were Stirring (you can read our review here), a Christmas horror anthology written and directed by Rebekah and David McKendry. I was lucky enough to screen this film before its release, and now I was able to  …

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‘All the Creatures Were Stirring’ (2018) Movie Review: Delightfully Horrifying

It’s the most wonderful time of year… brilliant Christmas horror stories just appear out of thin air! I can never get enough holiday horror films. They are full of deranged Christmas spirit, and it fills my hardened heart with joy. So when I heard about the Yuletide horror anthology, All …

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Interview With Indie Horror Actress Maria Olsen to Celebrate WIHM

Women In Horror Month is an exciting time! I’m truly honored to promote local talent Maria Olsen, a true indie actress who has reached beyond her goals and accomplished her dreams. It was a pleasure to talk to her as my first interview for WIHM. Maria Olsen is South Africa’s own star …

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