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The Cleansing Hour (2019) Movie Review

The Cleansing Hour is a slow burn, but, at the same time, a rewarding watch if you can make it through to the ending. Throughout the duration of the film, I felt like it had a much longer runtime than 97 minutes. Writer/director/editor Damien LeVeck (Dark, Deadly & Dreadful 2018) …

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‘The Hart-Break Killer’ (2019) Movie Review

When I first watched The Hart-Break Killer Death-scort Services‘ Sean Donohue’s (read our interview with him here) film reminded me quite a bit of Richie Moore’s Who’s Watching Oliver? (2018 – read our review here). The similarities between the two main characters are astonishing. The ones I quickly noticed from the …

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Cinepocalypse 2019 Review: A Talented Cast Full Of ‘Villains’ (2019)

Ever since Burn Notice and the second season of Fargo, I’ve been waiting for Jeffrey Donovan to get weird. He handled the running/jumping/falling down duties of the show admirably, but the true joy was watching him play the Identity of the Week, which was always some kind of South Florida …

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