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Cinepocalypse 2019: Izzy Lee’s ‘Re-Home’ – Short Film Review

I’ve been a longtime fan of the work of the incredible Izzy Lee (read our interview with her here). She is one director I can count on to consistently blow me away. From her early days making films like Picket (2014), to the unforgettable Innsmouth (2015) with Tristan Risk, to …

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WIHFF 2018 Short Film Review: ‘What Metal Girls Are Into’

As previously stated in my review for Echoes of Fear (read my review here), my favorite feature of The Women in Horror Film Festival in Peachtree, GA., this fest has shown an indisputable knack for selecting the very finest in female-centric horror films. The short films were no exception, as it was …

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WIHFF 2018 Film Review: ‘Echoes of Fear’ is Supernatural Thriller Perfection

Trista Robinson as Alysa in 'Echoes of Fear'

For 2 years in a row, the Women in Horror Film Festival in Peachtree City, GA has served up some of the very best female-centric horror on the planet earth. I wasn’t sure festival organizers Vanessa Ionta Wright and Sam Kolesnik could top 2017’s near perfect lineup of all-killer no-filler …

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Inside the Brilliant Mind of Director Simone Kisiel


Sometimes you meet someone and you just instantly connect. That was how I felt when I met Director Simone Kisiel at the 2018 Women in Horror Film Festival. We had chatted a few times before on social media, but meeting her in person was one of the highlights of my …

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WIHFF 2018 Short Film Review: ‘Heartless’ is Full-Blown Madness, Utterly Delightful


Another great horror short that hit the 2018 Women in Horror Film Festival was Heartless. This didn’t really surprise me all that much, as I’m a huge fan of filmmaker Kevin Sluder. I absolutely love some of his previous work, including Feeding Time and Mainline, which he executively produced. What …

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