Review – SCARE ZONE (2009)

When the cover of a movie features Discount Jason holding Discount Leatherface’s chainsaw, you just know you’re in for a good time. Welcome to Scare Zone. Bathrooms are on the left.

It is year three of Scare Zone, a haunted house attraction in some town in the U.S.A. A group of death fodder including Daryl (Chris Burns) and Claire (Arian Ash) are here to help out. Someone else is here to help out too – with the body count that is! Who-oh-who can it be?

Yup, we’re headed into low-budget slasher territory here, folks. Scare Zone started out like average shot-on-DV rubbish, and I pretty much figured it would be a lost cause. At least I’d get to make fun of it, right? But then, something strange happened: I actually found myself drawn in and interested in what was going on. I even cared about who was doing the killing! This movie should have just been garbage, but the Cinematic Gods work in mysterious ways. Also, a bonus that the flick had me chuckling at the gags. Sure, this ain’t gonna be no horror/comedy classic, but it’ll pull a few laughs from your gut.


This being a slasher flick, the kills play a big part obviously. Here at Scare Zone, the participants pride themselves on delivering average kills with nothing special. However, they also pride themselves on delivering these unspectacular kills with practical effects. So we can rejoice in that aspect at least.

While the characters are simply here to meet the business end of a knife, Daryl and Claire actually have a bit more depth than the usual death fodder and you might find yourself caring about these two characters. So kudos to them.


Final Thoughts:

Scare Zone is no classic, but it’s definitely worth a watch for slasher fans, or for those looking to kill 90 minutes on a Saturday afternoon. It’s available on Hulu for interested parties.

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