PopHorror Visits Bingemans Screampark 2019 in Kitchener Ontario Canada

Just as Halloween looms on the horizon, Bingemans Screampark in Kitchener Ontario, Canada brings yet another season of screams and scares to an end. I was lucky enough to be sent on behalf of PopHorror to test my mettle against the onslaught of chills and thrills that Bingemans Screampark had in store for their 2019 season.

Our Arrival

Upon arrival, I was more than pleased with the ample availability of parking and the general secure nature of the area. Bingemans Screampark is located behind the full-time building, which is a year-round event/conference center with an arcade for kids and room for birthday events.

The entrance line moved like a well-oiled machine, and the staff was ready and able to assist with any issues that may have popped up. We had a bit of confusion on our initial check-in process but were swiftly helped by smiling staff members always in communication with each other. We were treated exceptionally well, debriefed on the haunts and where to find them, and then let lose to explore ghouls and goblins to come.

The Haunts

There were 4 major haunts to experience, and you can begin anywhere you please. Not quite sure what we were in for or where to begin, we just went for the line furthest to the right, which started us down the path to the Zombie Wasteland! This is still my absolute favorite part of all the haunts. We walked down a lonely path in between two other groups of people through the woods on a beautiful fall night.

The closer we got to the noises and screams in front of us, the tenser the groups became. Nervous smiles on people’s face quickly gave way to shrieks and all-out sprinting once the shadows along the path began to move, popping out of small shacks along the wooded path. There were very few who didn’t flee once the night’s sky was full of the smell of exhaust and the roar of the chainsaw being wielded by a maniac having way too much fun.

Once our hearts were beating sufficiently at a rabid pace, we arrived at the second haunt, Prisoners’ Playground. The best way to describe Prisoners’ Playground would be to say that it is as terrifying as the previous haunt, except now you’re in a structure with walls, and there are people in front of and behind you. There is no escape except to go through it all. Staff members, costumed and ever eager, were around every corner… where you couldn’t see them until it was too late!

The sheer amount of planning, construction, and materials used to build the maze that is Prisoners’ Playground is staggering. There were full-sized props of vehicles and scenes that took serious logistics to design and build. It was quite impressive and disorientating at times.

Once completed, you make your way back up the hill to the two smaller haunts, Carney Carnage and The Darkness, which are set up in a similar way with a series of interconnected shipping containers. Both of them will take you on a twisted adventure, each living up to their particular themes.

I have to admit that there were a couple of claustrophobic moments mixed with mind-shattering strobe-lit mazes that really tested my resolve.

Included with the pass is the option to navigate an escape room, which we skipped as they have never been my thing. Though, after speaking with some fellow visitors just exiting the experience, they assured us that it was some awesome fun. There are some additional experiences that you can pay to try, such as three mini-excavator challenges where you pilot a real-life excavator, which seemed like a lot of fun. There was also the Zombie Paintball Hunt, which I will go through if I’m out that way next year.

Bingemans Screampark has a Boston Pizza onsite and The Bite refilling station with snacks and drinks just before the Prisoners’ Playground, so the only hunger you have to worry about is that of the flesh-hungry zombies lurking all around you. If you are really feeling the urge for terror, there are camping admission options as well.

Final Thoughts

Bingemans Screampark was my first real modern haunt experience, and I am absolutely hooked! We had a hauntingly amazing night. Even with skipping the escape room, we put in a solid fright-filled and enjoyable two hours. A word of advice would be to splurge on the speed pass as lines get long quickly. Since the starts are timed, you could find yourself waiting for a while.


We want to send a big thank you to the staff and cast at Bingemans Screampark for giving us a chance to check out their spine-tingling experience! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2020. Check out their website for ticket prices and other info here.

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