Nine Reasons Why You Need to Binge Watch Black Mirror

Originally aired in 2011 in the UK, Black Mirror won the 2012 International Emmy for Best TV Mini Series. This sci-fi series of anthology style episodes explores the dark side of society and its dependence on modern technology. Here are nine reasons why you should curl up on the couch and binge watch this fantastic show.

Each episode makes an unspoken statement about today’s society

Today’s society as a whole is rapidly becoming so inundated in technology and social media that almost everything we do is dependent upon it. Black Mirror‘s episodes indirectly point out that our devices, although making some things easier, will ultimately make things scarier for us as well. In each episode, I found at least some tidbit or general theme that I could trace back to the technology in society today. Almost like a forewarning of things to come, Black Mirror shows us the path that we are on and even gives us a glimpse into where that path is headed, even if it’s just a TV show. (Hint: The Waldo Movement was shockingly very similar to the current events of this November…)


Each episode is perfectly written, acted and directed

I seriously found each episode to be practically flawless, much better than many critically-acclaimed movies out there. While some stories were obviously better than others, there were none of them that I disliked or wasn’t interested in. Charlie Brooker is the series’ creator and wrote many of the scripts, showing off his true and undeniable talent.

Each episode was also directed by more than a few seasoned directors, all of whom were experienced in top TV shows of today. Although they follow the same general theme (technology of the future), each story is still unique and enthralling, keeping me interested with the original story lines that each episode offers, bringing with them different paces, genres, tones and atmospheres. Each story is refreshing and intriguing.


Big names appear in several episodes

There are quite a few familiar faces showing up in episodes of Black Mirror: Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World), Domhnall Gleeson (About Time, The Revenant), Michael Smiley (Luther, Kill List), Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey), Rory Kinnear (Penny Dreadful), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Oona Chaplin (The Longest Ride) and many more star in various episodes.


Some episodes are longer than an hour, so it is like watching an actual movie

All Black Mirror episodes tend to be around an hour long but some are longer, even up to 90 minutes in length. I was able to feel and experience the full story and without having to worry about episodes being shortened to fit certain time frames.

Black Mirror

Each episode has a moral behind it

Black Mirror definitely made me think. And, to be frank, not all episodes are necessarily dark. There are a few stories that are more good-hearted and left me feeling all happy and tingly inside. Each episode definitely leaves behind something to process and take with you.


The special effects are spot on

The graphics and special effects used in Black Mirror are quite impressive for a TV show, especially considering how each story takes place in the future with very elaborate looking devices and different ultramodern atmospheres. I found most episode designs to be exemplary.


It was just renewed for a fourth season

Black Mirror is an ongoing show, meaning there will always be more new and exciting things to look forward to. With the way things are going, I don’t doubt there will be many more seasons to follow.


It has a Christmas special right in time for the holidays

The Christmas episode was one of the highest rated on IMDb. With three interlocking and riveting stories filled with twists at each turn, I found myself plopped right into the holiday spirit after watching White Christmas.


You can stream the first three seasons on Netflix now!

If these nine reasons aren’t enough to get you to watch Black Mirror, then nothing will. Even if you’re still doubting the greatness that is Black Mirror, do yourself a favor and stream a few episodes. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised… or even hooked!

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