‘Nightmare Symphony,’ ‘The Bad Man,’ ‘Debris Documentar’ coming to Blu-ray And DVD Via TetroVideo

With summer coming, some people go on vacation, get their tans or even just work. For others, the idea that we’re closer to Halloween makes us all giddy. Although horror movies don’t take a break and for that TetroVideo has your horror June release and that will for sure make you excited for their pre orders. The pre-orders are from the masters of horror, the dukes of death, Directors that bring gore and mayhem from such talents as Domiziano Cristopharo, Marian Dora, and Scott Schirmer with their films, Nightmare Symphony, Debris Documentar and The Bad Man.

Nightmare Symphony, The Bad Man, and Debris Documentar are coming to Blu-ray and DVD via TetroVideo on June 1st. TetroVideo is proud to present the giallo horror, Nightmare Symphony, the psychological horror, The Bad Man, and the shocking experimental dramatic art film, Debris Documentar.

Nightmare Symphony is coming to Blu-ray, while The Bad Man and Debris Documentar are coming in a limited Digipack edition including a DVD and a Collector’s card: only 150 copies for The Bad Man and 300 copies for Marian Dora’s film are planned. Released on DVD in 2014 as part of a boxset. Debris Documentar will finally have its own edition, and for the first time, it will have English, French and Italian subtitles. All the three titles will be available for pre-order on June 1st.

Nightmare Symphony

Nightmare Symphony (2020) is a giallo horror film co-directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins, Red Krokodil) and Daniele Trani (Across the River). Produced by Ulkurzu and HH Kosova and written by the well-known Italian screenwriter Antonio Tentori (Nightmare Concert, Dracula 3D), Nightmare Symphony is a tribute to Lucio Fulci’s Nightmare Concert/A Cat in the Brain, in which Fulci himself played a tortured horror filmmaker haunted by his own bloody horror film visions. In Nightmare Symphony, the filmmaker at the center of the story is played by Lady in White director Frank Laloggia as a horror director who is struggling to complete his movie while a series of gruesome murders happen all around him. Eventually, he will be forced to face his worst and scariest nightmares. The film also stars Antonella Salvucci (The Torturer), Antonio Tentori, Poison Rouge (AGP: Sacrifice), Pietro Cinieri, Irene Baruffetti, Edi Hasan Lushi, Halil Budakova, and Merita Budakova (Virus: Extreme Contamination). The practical effects are by Jacopo Tomassini (The Obsessed). The soundtrack is by Antony Coia (House of Flesh Mannequins) and includes the original main theme by the legendary Italian composer Fabio Frizzi (City of the Living Dead, The Beyond). Nightmare Symphony Bonus Features: Commentary; Interview with Antonella Salvucci; Interview with Antonio Tentori; Interview with Daniele Trani; Photogallery; Behind the Scenes; Original Trailer; Trailer.

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The Bad Man

Written and directed by Scott Schirmer (Harvest Lake, Plank Face), The Bad Man is a disturbing tale starring Jason Crowe, Ellie Church, Arthur Cullipher, and Dave Parker. The film follows young couple Mary (Ellie Church) and PJ (Jason Crowe) who are continuously drugged, humiliated, and abused by a sadistic clown bent on transforming them into a doll and a dog, submissive sex slaves to be sold to the highest bidders. Synopsis: PJ and Mary take over an isolated Bed & Breakfast that was previously owned by her departed grandmother. Not long after arriving there, a stranger (Arthur Cullipher) knocks on the door seeking accommodations but instead of explaining that the B&B is closed, they allow him because he is very charming. Things take a bizarre turn when they discover that their house guest,now donning clown paint (Cullipher), is a flesh peddler that kidnaps people and breaks them into being obedient slaves each with a different task and service. Produced by Bandit Motion Pictures, The Bad Man stars Ellie Church (Frankenstein Created Bikers), Jason Crowe (Harvest Lake), Arthur Cullipher (Found, The Legend of Wasco), Dave Parker (Headless, Plank Face) and Alyss Winkler (Amazon Hot Box). The Bad Man Bonus Features: Behind the scenes gallery; Promotional images gallery; Trailer.

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Debris Documentar

Directed by Marian Dora (Cannibal, Carcinoma), the atrocious Debris Documentar was originally made in 2003. The film, released on DVD in 2014 as part of a boxset containing Melancholie der Engel and Voyage To Agatis, deals with the everyday life of a man, Carsten (Carsten Frank), who works on the set of the 2004 Ulli Lommel film, Zombie Nation, and who is planning to realize his own film: a task he finds extremely difficult. Everything seems normal, but in reality, he is a frustrated and perverted man who indulges in several disturbing sexual fetishes including unspeakable acts in his private life. His perversion will push him to take his horrible fantasies out of his home to the outside world. In Debris Documentar, Carsten Frank also stays in contact with the Spanish filmmaker Jesús Franco (Vampiros Lesbos), the German actress Katja Bienert (El tesoro de la diosa blanca), the Italian actor Peter Martell (Death Walks at Midnight) and the American actor David Hess (The Last House on the Left). Debris Documentar Bonus Features: Opus Hominis 2 (short); Es geschah in Gotha (short); Carnophage (short); Photo gallery; Original trailer.

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