Fangs Out

New Red and Green Band Trailers Drop For ‘FANGS OUT’

Stadium Media and Summer Hill Films have released both a red band and green band trailer for director Dennis Devine’s (Alice in Murderland) new horror film Fangs Out. The film stars Randy Oppenheimer (Amityville Vampire), Veronica Ricci (Vengeance), and Samuel Code (Run! Die! Kill!).


FANGS OUT Synopsis

A Group of college students head to Mexico for some cheap plastic surgery. There they meet Dr. Pavor, a creepy surgeon who is actually a vampire, harvesting victims for his blood cartel. Aided by his blood thirsty nurses he systematically carries out his evil plan. When a detective looking for his missing daughter arrives – all hell breaks loose in a bloody combustible conclusion. Randy Oppenheimer (Rottentail), Veronica Ricci (Bloody Mary), Samuel Code (Run! Die! Kill!) and Angel Juarez (Celest) head up a cast of genre staples.

Check out the trailers below:

Red Band:

Green Band:

FANGS OUT will be available on Digital May 23, 2023. Check it out!

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