Marcel Walz’s ‘Blind’ (2019) is A Modern Day Nightmare

When I got asked to check out the highly anticipated horror thriller, BLIND, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into it. This film has so many of my favorite indie actors in it and the storyline really drew me in. Losing your eyesight suddenly would be hard for anybody. You always think of the things you’ll never be able to see again, but sometimes it’s the things you don’t see that are really scary…

A Silent Partners project, BLIND was directed by Marcel Walz. It was produced by Ruediger W. Kuemmerle and Ivan Hruschka with a script by author Joe Knetter. The cast stars Sarah French, Caroline Williams, Jed Rowen, Tyler Gallant, Thomas HaleyBen Kaplan, newcomer Jessica Galetti, and Michael St. Michaels.

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Synopsis for BLIND

Faye, a former actress that lost her vision due to botched laser eye surgery, struggles to put her life back together while living alone in her dream house in the Hollywood Hills. Supported by her friend Sophia, she starts opening up to Luke, a personal trainer who is mute and can only communicate through his cell phone. Faye will soon realize that she isn’t as alone as she thinks.

This is one of the most unsettling horror thrillers I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t imagine the vulnerability one would feel being blind, especially newly blind, and the unfavorable circumstances that one may encounter and never even know…until it’s too late. This film explores that fear in a modern day nightmare that gives us a new horror villain to fear.


Although Sarah French is a friend on social media, I’ve never seen her work as actress until now. She blew me the fuck way with her riveting and heartfelt performance. You can tell she took this role seriously and plays a visually-impaired person perfectly – so much so that you would almost think she is blind in real life. You can feel and see the pain she is going through as a person who was once on top of the world to someone who feels like they were now invisible. French beautifully delivers the uncertainty of knowing one’s self-worth and were they fit in the world.

Caroline Williams’ performance is equally wonderful. It was a great supporting role and you can feel the love between her and French’s character and the impact that she’s had on her life. I also really enjoyed seeing Ben Kaplan’s cameo. Although disturbing, it’s always a delight to see him on screen! The same can be said about Sheri Davis’ cameo. She’s a treasure.


The back and forth scenes of French moving around her home and the stalker lurking only inches away from her without her knowing effectively builds tension and fear. Your heart races and you want to scream “you can’t hear his breathing?!” I also didn’t expect that ending. What a reveal that was once we discover who is under that incredibly frightening “pretty boy” mask. It shook me and may give me nightmares for the next few weeks.

Final Thoughts

BLIND reminded me of a modern day tale of Valentine’s Day and a plethora of other 80’s slasher films with its bright colors and visual effects. All of the performances are phenomenal and the story takes us on a journey of self-doubt, self-discovery, and pure terror unlike any other. Walz is becoming one of my favorite horror directors and household name in the horror business and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

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