Louder Than Wolves

Louder Than Wolves Returns In 2022

Love Horror Events has hosted an annual charity fundraiser event for several years titled Louder than Wolves. It’s not your standard show, though, as all proceeds go towards a selected local charity, with My Sister’s House being a primary focus for many years now.
From the press release:
The most dangerous time in a survivor’s life is when they choose to leave, it’s important that we contribute to our local safety resources so they can help as many people as possible. – Charity Liason Michelle Nessk

Louder than Wolves is held at the Historic Colonial Theatre in Sacramento, California, this year September 10, 2022.

The show consists of various types of artists; musicians, aerial, burlesque, spoken word poets, all there for a common purpose of helping survivors.

Louder Than Wolves

This year’s performances will include:

Baddie Omen
Sir Vix
Lizzie Hyde
Ray Moulin
Euphoria Sparks
Mistress Pon Farr
Dani Demize
Morgana Grimm
Lil Mc/Megan Correa
Moly Morelove
Lucy Rizzo
Alia Omron
Louder than Wolves

Louder Than Wolves is an event produced for and by survivors of SA and the people that love them. The culture of silence ends, for at least one evening. Individuals will have their voices heard either through testimonial, or through their elected craft and artform on the Colonial Theatre stage.

Filmmakers, performance artists, and survivors will have their voices heard in one inspirational evening to affect change.

Louder Than Wolves 2022 is the 4th installment of our series to battle the culture of SA, raise awareness, inspire advocacy, and encourage healing.

Everyone involved with Louder Than Wolves is donating their time, talents, and services. Top to bottom, Louder Than Wolves is a labor of love and we do this in hopes that we can affect change, one show at a time.

One can expect to witness spoken word, slam poetry, dance, stand-up comedy, circus art forms, live music, & more on the Louder Than Wolves stage.

100% of the proceeds benefit My Sister’s House, My Sister’s House mission is to serve Asian and Pacific Islander and other underserved women and children impacted by domestic v, SA, and trafficking by providing a culturally appropriate and responsive safe haven, job training, and community services. Find out more about My Sister’s House here.

Our event is inclusive and is a safe space.

Tickets to Louder Than Wolves are available here.

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