Freddy Krueger’s 10 Greatest Kills


Frederick Charles Krueger, known by the rest of the world as Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, was born in February of 1942 as the bastard son of the hundred maniacs who raped his mother. Put up for adoption, Freddy was taught the fine art of torturing animals and sadomasochism by foster parent Mr. Underwood. He was born into evil and that same evil followed him when he returned to his hometown of Springwood, Ohio, and gave in to the urge to inflict pain on others. He became one of the most notorious child killers the area had ever known, arrested but released on a technicality, and then free until the townspeople took the law into their own hands. They found where he was hiding and set the building on fire – killing him and finally freeing their hometown from evil once again. However, this act only created an even bigger monster, a nightmare demon that would infest the dreams of the teens of the community, killing them in their sleep with his infamous bladed glove and resulting in their real life deaths…a horror that would continue for 8 films, a television series, and a remake in 2010.

The original Freddy Krueger, played by the ridiculously talented Robert Englund, is unlike any another killer, which is exactly what the legendary director Wes Craven wanted. He created a killer that could talk, taunt, and interact with his victims – through their nightmares. Instead of wearing a mask like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, Krueger is known for his burnt and scarred skin – a mask of its own kind. Fans are also familiar with his red and green striped sweater as well as his razor sharp steak knife gloves. Most of all, Freddy is known for his legendary kills.

Although Freddy doesn’t rank high on the body count meter compared to other killers, he is known most for his creative and unique slaughters. There’s so many to choose from within the original 8 movie franchise, but here at PopHorror, we have compiled a list of some of Freddy Krueger’s greatest kills!


10. Just a Little Message (Freddy vs. Jason)
Although not the most popular movie in the franchise, Freddy vs. Jason still has some memorable moments.

In this scene, when Mark falls asleep, he not only has to endure seeing his dead brother – a previous victim of Freddy’s – in a bloody bathtub, but becomes Freddy’s personal message to the outside world that he’s returned to Springwood. He slashes the guy’s face and then burns his back with the words “Freddy’s Back.”

9. High Score (Freddy’s Dead)
Freddy is known for his cheesy one-liners and this one says it all. Being inside your favorite video game sounds trippy and cool… unless Freddy Krueger is the one behind the controller.

When Spencer is sucked into his video game, he fights his way through each level, kicking ass along the way. His friends try to rescue him by unplugging the cords. However, Freddy has his “super glove controller” and drops poor old Spencer off a cliff. Not very bloody, but effective nonetheless. This would probably be the way I would want to die if I were one of Freddy’s victims… less pain and a unique way to go out.

8. Death by Food (Dream Child)
“Bon appétit, bitch.”

Freddy shoves a crazy amount of food down Greta’s throat until she is choking and can’t breathe. Death by food – it seriously had me rethinking my diet plan.

7. Not the Average Paper Cut (Dream Child)
“Time to die, you scar-faced limp dick!”

Mark is transported into one of his favorite comic books and tries to take on Freddy as a superhero. But even in alternate world Freddy has a few tricks up his sleeve and shreds Mark into tiny pieces – like ripped up comic book pages. Cheesy creative kills like this are one of the reasons I love Freddy so much!

6. Let’s Get High (Dream Warriors)
Taryn, one of the most badass chicks in the entire franchise, went blade to blade with Freddy. However, Freddy, being the sick bastard that he is, kills her with his finger syringes.

Freddy is always good at using people’s weaknesses against them, thinking of the most creative ways to provide the most satisfying kills. In this case, using needles on an ex-drug addict is about as in-your-face as you can get.

5. No Pain, No Gain (Dream Master)
Turns out, Freddy isn’t a great spotter when lifting weights. You may just lose a limb or two and more…

4. Sink Hole (Nightmare on Elm Street)
Two words: Johnny Depp!

This particular scene is probably one of the greatest of the franchise. Not only would it be terrifying to be sucked into a waterbed, but the amount of blood in the scene is ridiculous. I love it!

3. Welcome to Primetime Bitch (Dream Warriors)
Turns out you really can watch too much TV. Enough said.

But seriously though, this one is one of my absolute favorite kills and Freddy lines ever. Everything about this slaughter is spot on and makes you love Freddy even more.

2. Rag Doll (Nightmare on Elm Street)
Freddy’s first onscreen massacre… and what a kill it was!

Freddy uses Tina’s body as a rag doll, throwing her all over the room. He slashes her body every which way, creating a blood-splattered mess. This is an iconic kill, as it is the first, and one of Freddy’s most brutal assassinations. Poor Tina.

1. Puppet Master (Dream Warriors)
Finally, we come to the one of the most creative and greatest exterminations in horror movie history. Freddy Krueger has several awesome kills in Dream Warriors, but this one takes the cake!

Freddy proves to us all why he is a force to be reckoned with as far as dreamland goes – he literally can turn you into his very own puppet. With his sick and twisted humor, he rips Phillip’s tendons out of his body and walks him around by “his strings.” When he’s done playing with the guy, he walks him onto a rooftop edge, cuts the strings, watching the kid plummet to his death and making it look like a suicide. How sick and brutal is that? During that entire scene, all I could think about was how painful that would be. It’s cringe worthy just thinking about it now, but what a brilliant and unique idea way to send someone off.


One thing you can’t deny about Freddy is that this sick bastard knows how to put on a show. Freddy Krueger has been and always will be one of my favorite killers in horror movie history. He has a unique back story, an iconic look, and forever will be known as the killer on Elm Street. While other slashers have a hefty body count on their hands, Freddy takes his time collecting the souls of his children, creatively, one by one. What is your favorite Freddy Krueger kill? Leave a comment and let us know!

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