My Top 10 Found Footage Horror Films

Ah, found footage films. Whether they are shot in first person, mockumentary, or in a news style format, they let the viewer get a first-person perspective of the story as it unfolds. This can heighten the sense of realism for the viewer. Love it or hate it, found footage films …

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Coming Soon To Digital: Korean Horror ‘EXHUMA’


Coming soon to Digital from Well Go USA and director Jang Jae Hyun (The Priests) is a new horror film: Korean Horror Exhuma.  Synopsis After tracing a strange ailment to a remote gravesite, a team of supernatural experts soon discovers what happens when you mess with the wrong grave. The …

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A Look Back At ‘BRIGHTBURN’ (2019): 5 Years Later

Confession time: Growing up I was never a fan of the big blue boy scout. When Brightburn was announced, a film that’s basically an evil Superman origin story, I was excited because it completely skewed the Superman mythos into something dark, gritty and gory. I remember sitting on my brother’s …

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