Feast with Queen Malvolia this Thanksgiving

Queen Malvolia is back with a new Holiday special, this time she wants you to feast with her this Thanksgiving. She’s hungry and looking for new victims…

Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving

Queen Malvolia

This episode is directed Alex Napiwocki and Hunter Johnson. It was also written and edited by Jennifer Nangle who also stars in the film as Queen Malvolia.

The episode begins with Queen Malovlia reading her fan mail. When a fan asks what Malvolia’s most memorable Thanksgiving was… her story may surprise you! We get a flashback of this tasty day and it’s a bloody fun one.

Although I had a blast with the Halloween episode, I think I may dig the Thanksgiving one even more so. We get to see Queen Malvolia show her true dark side as she preys on her new victim with bloodthirsty eyes and a wickedly evil laugh.

I loved that instead of going out, Malvolia decides to kick back home and order “delivery”. It was hilarious watching her play cat and mouse with the delivery man, Jack (Colton Wheeler), who has no idea what’s in store for him.

“Any type of DNA?” – Jack

“I’m not picky.” – Queen Malvolia

Queen Malovlia is truly is this generation’s lady of darkness. She is reminiscent of other icons we love such as Elvira, Vampira, and Morticia Addams yet brings something unique the table. I love her sense of humor and the way she carries herself. Everyone is beneath her and they will become her victim sooner or later.

Beyond the hilarious commentary between her and Jack, the ending was my favorite. Victor (Garrett Lee) and Malvolia create a human blood fountain and their wicked laughs are contagious. They also enjoy a wonderful feast together and as always Queen Malvolia gets what she wants.

I also have to mention that Richard Trejo creates some beautiful shots throughout the episode. By doing so, it helps deliver that eerie yet wonderful atmosphere that Malvolia is all about. Plus the special effects were done perfectly by Chronix EFX.

I love Queen Malvolia and her reign of darkness. Be sure to check out all of her episodes on youtube and stay tuned for her next Holiday special.


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