the wolf on snow hollow

Jim Cummings’ ‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ – Fantastic Fest 2020 Movie Review

We’re still wrapping up Fantastic Fest 2020 and here’s another one that I absolutely loved! The Wolf of Snow Hollow is a fantastic piece of work.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

From Orion Classics, comes a fun new horror film directed and written by Jim Cummings, who also starred in the film alongside Riki Lindhome, Robert Forster, Jimmy Tatro, and Chloe East.

Synopsis for The Wolf of Snow Hollow

A small-town sheriff, struggling with a failed marriage, a rebellious daughter, and a lackluster department, is tasked with solving a series of brutal murders that are occurring on the full moon. As he’s consumed by the hunt for the killer, he struggles to remind himself that there’s no such thing as werewolves…

This film was so fun and suspenseful. It was the perfect mix of comedy and horror and it kept me on my toes. It’s a creative story with great performances, beautiful cinematography, and a killer ending that you won’t see coming!

the wolf of snow hollow

Jim Cummings truly delivered his all with The Wolf of Snow Hollow. Not everyone can write, direct, and star in a film but he excelled in all aspects. I loved his character. He was the typical loveable screwup but driven to do the right thing no matter the cost. He brought comic-relief throughout the film and there was never a dull moment when he was on screen. As always, Riki Lindhome was equally amazing in this film and I loved the quirky and fun relationship she had with Jim’s character. Robert Forster was the cherry on top of a delectable story.

I loved the cinematography and the contrast of dark crimson red on vibrant white. There’s something eerily beautiful about blood on snow and this film has just the right amount of it.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend The Wolf of Snow Hollow. It’s another film that I would add to the top of my list for 2020. It releases in theaters and on-demand, October 9, 2020.

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