Davide Melini’s ‘Lion’ (2017) Is A Remarkable Masterpiece

From Director Davide Melini (The Sweet Hand of the White Rose 2010) comes a new short film called Lion, and it explores a topic that is still controversial in today’s day and age: domestic abuse. Lion stars newcomer Pedro Sánchez as Leon, a young boy who begins the film cowering in his bed in the upstairs of his home, eye blackened, and praying his father will leave him alone. Downstairs, his father, Jeff (Micheal Segal: Road to Hell 2087), is blinded by an alcoholic rage, and his mother, Amanda (Tania Mercader: Nosotros Seremos Libres 2011), seems unwilling (or unable) to do anything about the situation.

Lion’s Synopsis:

An isolated chalet in a snowy forest… A man blinded by alcohol… A woman unable to rebel… And an 8-year-old child troubled and dark… The silent night is broken with cries… the start of a terrible nightmare!

The film takes place in an isolated chalet in a snowy forest, giving a dreamy, fairy tale-like feel to a story that is otherwise a hidden yet daily occurrence around the world. From the start, the film positively crackles with dread. Leon feels he is alone in the whole world except for his stuffed lion, whom he begs for help. Sometimes, dreams do come true… but so do nightmares.

There simply aren’t words to adequately describe what a solid punch Lion packs. It manages to be both a wickedly good fairy tale about evil parents who get their just ends and a cry for help for battered children everywhere. This film accomplishes both in an audacious and ingenious fashion. It also mixes brilliant, dreamy visuals and just the right amount of gore. Equal parts dark fantasy and bloody revenge thriller, Lion perfectly blends the two into a film with a powerful message about the cries of the innocent and the need for justice.

Check out the trailer below:

This short film is a masterpiece that will haunt you long after you see it. Just stunning! It’s an absolute must see!

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