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Dark Thriller Short ‘Scratch’ Has Serious ‘Sin City’ Vibes With Incredible FX

I recently watched an amazing dark thriller short called Scratch. If you love Sin City, you will love this. This is one of the best and unique short stories ever.


This short was directed and written by Ronan Jorah. The cast includes Carey Van Driest, JR Carter, Mark Delabarre, and R.J. Foster.

Synopsis for Scratch

On the night of a double murder, a mysterious patron of a roadside diner has a date with the Devil.

This story is from the perspective of the killer or so we think. We’re seeing everything through his eyes and it’s amazing. We get to experience why he views things the way he does and how he justifies his actions. The short plays out like an incredible dark fantasy and a beautiful nightmare.

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The casting is great and the characters are like they came straight out of a comic book. The tone is dark and moody and gritty creating the perfectly eerie and intense atmosphere. The special effects are outstanding and overall it left me wanting more.

Final Thoughts

If you love thrillers and films like The Crow and Sin City, I highly recommend you check this short out. Scratch is unique and the quality is phenomenal. It’s like any other short I’ve seen before.

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