Coming Soon: Masaya Kato’s ‘Ouija Japan’ (2021)

Coming soon from October Coast and director Masaya Kato is a new horror film called Ouija Japan. The film stars Ariel Sekiya, Miharu Chiba, and Eigi Kodaka (Headcrusher). It will be available on October 19, 2021.


Karen is an American housewife living in Japan who desperately wants to fit in with her Japanese community, until peer pressure forces her to play the Kokkuri-san (the Japanese Ouija) with the other housewives, unwittingly disrespecting a local deity, who sets them up to fight each other in a deadly game of battle royal. A mysterious app gets installed on their phones to aid them in their battle. It offers the women tools to fight each other, which they buy with credits. But they better be careful with their spending

Check out the trailer below:

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