Available Now On Demand and DVD: Jared Masters’ ‘Quartz Vein’

Available now On Demand and DVD from director Jared Masters (After School Massacre) is a new horror film called Quartz Vein. The film stars Masters, Bad President’s Dawna Lee Heising (read our interview with her here), Jeffrey Dean Gray (Roller Junkies), and Elizabeth Rath (Roller Junkies).


2047. After the humanitarian disaster, one gold miner, Eon Pax, must risk it all to save the girl. Enslaved by a wicked mutant race of gold-injecting vampires. Gargoya, leader of the underworld, clones the perfect female specimen while tampering with Eon’s mind and mental health code. Will Eon prevail and deliver the fair maiden to Utocha, The Promised Land, or will he be cast down to the underbelly of Lagoria?

Check out the trailer below:

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