‘Aliens: Zone of Silence’ (2017) – Movie Review

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of alien stories (however, there are exceptions), nor do I favor found footage films. Each subgenre has its good films of course, but there’s only a few that I absolutely love. I wasn’t sure if Aliens: Zone of Silence would be my cup tea or if it would throw a curveball and surprise me. Read on to find out the way it went.

Aliens: Zone of Silence is directed by Andy Fowler who also co-wrote the story with Fidel Arizmendi. The cast includes Sarah Hester, Peter Gesswein, Jed Maheu, and Vince Tula.

Official Synopsis for Aliens: Zone of Silence

After her brother mysteriously vanishes from the Mexican desert, a young woman sets out to uncover the otherworldly truth about his disappearance.

I was pleasantly surprised by Aliens: Zone of Silence. The story was intriguing, there were solid performances, and I enjoyed the cinematography – it was well done, smooth, and beautiful.

Aliens: zone of silence

There was gorgeous scenery throughout the film with clear shots and no shaky camera movement. That’s one thing that steers me away from some found footage films, and luckily for me, I didn’t have to worry about that with this story.

Up until Aliens: Zone of Silence, I had never heard anything about this or the crazy events that have apparently occurred at Zona Del Silencio. I found the story fascinating and it kept my attention throughout the whole film. Would there be aliens? Would Morgan find her brother?

All of the performances were excellent. I loved the chemistry between Hal (Peter Gesswein) and Alex (Jed Maheu). Their sarcasm and personalities played well together, even in the darkest moments. Sarah Hester’s character, Morgan, was strong and driven. Although I would never in a million years go to a mysterious desert by myself, I admired her bravery and determination to find out what happened to her brother.

The film had some intense moments throughout, but nothing too frightening. The end was a bit lackluster. I wanted more after all that buildup. However, that’s my only real complaint.

Final Thoughts on Aliens: Zone of Silence:

This film is a fun, well-made mystery sci-fi story that will take you on a journey of the unknown. Whether you like found-footage films or not, I highly recommend checking this one out. Aliens: Zone of Silence is currently streaming on Netflix!

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