Zombie Series ‘Remnant 13’ Comes to Amazon

It’s been a year since we showed off the trailer for the zombie series Remnant 13, and now we have some even bigger news. While we were all playing football and eating turkey last November, the show found its way onto Amazon Prime.

Synopsis for Remnant 13:

Remnant 13 is an emotional story about a group of survivors broken by life’s circumstances set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. The series is driven by Dr. Mark Downing’s attempts to rebuild a relationship with his teenage daughter while keeping her and the other survivors alive and his search for redemption in curing the disease he unleashed on his older daughter and the world.

The pilot for the series was directed by William David Glenn IV (Ghost in the Family 2018) all from a script penned by debut scriptwriter Tom Farr. The series stars Grey’s Anatomy’s Nicholas Palacio, Nathan Austin (Eville, Get Behind Me 2017), Silvio Wolf Busch (The Fault in Our Stars 2014), Rachel Schrey (The Renewing 2017), Karla Dansereau (Hongo 2017), Tatiana Zappardino (Superstition TV series), Shawn Mattox (Permanent Reminders 2017) and Rena MacMonegle in her feature film debut. The music for the show was composed by Will Phillips (Dagger Kiss TV series) while Volumes of Blood’s (2015) Lisa Duvall created the zombie FX. The show was filmed in John Carpenter’s hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Currently, there are 4 episodes that are only 16 – 20 minutes in length, so it won’t take you long to catch up. As far as new eps, we’ll let you know if and when they appear.

Have you watched Remnant 13? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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