Worst Laid Plans

‘Worst Laid Plans’: A New Feature Horror Anthology That You’ll Want To Indulge In

Worst Laid Plans is a feature film horror anthology adapted from the book released by Grindhouse Press. Five horror directors will be adapting five creepy stories of vacations gone wrong. Executive produced by GenreBlast Films, the new production company by GenreBlast Film Festival’s director, Nathan Ludwig, this film will be bringing five up-and-coming horror directors together to create an entertaining and terrifying horror film experience. If you would like to check out more details about the film and donate to the campaign – click HERE. I promise you this film will be amazing. I’ve personally read and watched the work of the creators and everything they do is phenomenal! This anthology will most definitely exceed our expectations!

Worst Laid Plans Anthology Segments

Deep in the Heart – Directed by John Hale and Written by Waylon Jordan

A Texas family tours an underground cave system, which is home to an evil that time forgot.

You’ve Been Saved – Directed by Samantha Kolesnik and Written by S. E. Howard

Two friends on a road trip encounter a mysterious traveler who may be in distress, but who also might just be playing a dangerous prank.

Unkindly Girls – Directed by Michael Escobedo and Written by Hailey Piper

A lonesome teenager on a seaside vacation befriends another outcast whom she must protect from her homicidal father.

Caught a Glimpse – Directed by Vanessa Ionta Wright & Written by Patrick Lacey

A middle-aged man, longing for some peace and quiet, discovers a seductive new neighbor and the price of voyeurism.

Taylor Family Vacation ’93 – Directed by Jeremy Herbert, Written by Jeremy Herbert & Wolf Stahl

Family man Dan Taylor suspects a stalker is messing with his vacation in a way only he’d notice – on tape.

Worst Laid Plans

Worst Laid Plans Perks

This anthology has some of the best and unique perks I’ve seen in a long time. They vary in price and are affordable to those who want to support it without blowing their budget. Some perks include shoutouts on social media, special digital content that has unique BTS footage, personalized video shoutouts, signed posters, associate producer and executive producer credits, and much more!

I’m so excited about this project. I have yet to read the horror anthology this feature is based on, but I plan to soon – probably after Black History Month. As mentioned up above, I know Worst Laid Plans will be awesome because this film has a plethora of incredible talent behind it and they always deliver the best of the best. Support indie horror and make this happen! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/worst-laid-plans-a-feature-horror-anthology#/

Worst Laid Plans

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