WiHM: Jamie J. Sammons ‘The Horror Podcasting Queen’ Interview

The world of horror movies and social media has blessed me with many great people in my life. This is why I love this community. It is truly an honor and a privilege to interview not only this woman that I look up to but someone who has gone from my realm of being just an inspiration to an acquaintance to a friend, to now I feel is family. If there is one woman who should be highlighted this month in my book it is this one! So, ladies and gents, it is my pleasure to bring this interview from the Legend herself Jamie J. Sammons!

PopHorror: When and what got you into the horror genre?

Jamie J. Sammons: I have been into horror since before I have memories and it’s all thanks to my mom. Movies were the thing that bonded us. And if she went to the movies, I went to the movies. Thank god she was a horror fan! She made me who I am today.

PopHorror: What is your fave horror film and why?

Jamie J. Sammons:  My all-time favorite horror film is my favorite film in general, and that’s Jaws. I used to have to get out of the bathtub and the pool and the lake because of that film. And I’m pleased to announce it still works. I watched a special screening of it with a whole row of teens who had never seen it and it successfully scared their feet up into their seats. That made my heart smile.

PopHorror: Jaws is very iconic…I can’t believe Is there a sub-genre a horror that you love the most or one that you feel should get more attention than it does?

Jamie J. Sammons: I have so many! I’m a big lover of evil kid movies, really great zombie films, slashers, ghost stories… but werewolf films are my biggest love. I wish they’d get their day like vampires, zombies, and found footage did.

PopHorror: Who are some of your favorite women in horror?

Jamie J. Sammons: Again, so many! Scream queens (and I do NOT use that term willy nilly) like Linnea Quigley and Debbie Rochon are legends. Dee Wallace is still killing it today. Directors like Katherine Bigelow and Mary Harron. Shannon Lark, Heidi Honeycutt, and Stacy Hammon have worked tirelessly to forward women in the genre and have been huge inspirations to me as well as great friends. Newer filmmakers like Lori Bowen and Karen Lam and women who paved the way like Ida Lupino. There is no shortage of incredible women in horror if you know where to look.

PopHorror:  So many greats! How did you get into podcasting about horror?

Jamie J. Sammons: Wow! That goes way back. I started as a journalist for a local paper, then branched into Internet journalism about 16 years ago. From there I started doing a live Internet radio show. At that time I was writing for horror-movies.ca, editing The Chainsaw Mafia, and I was head writer for The Last Blog on the Left which was run by Bo Ransdell. He heard my show and suggested we do a podcast for the site. We had great fun with that until his screenwriting work pulled him out. From there I met David Anders and joined him on Devour the Podcast. The rest is history.

PopHorror: You are a LEGEND when it comes to female podcasting about
horror films, What are some highlights of your podcasting career?

Jamie J. Sammons: I wouldn’t call myself a legend, but I’m definitely old lol. Honestly, my entire career has been a highlight. It has led to some amazing opportunities as well as helping me form some life-changing relationships that I otherwise wouldn’t have known. I met my wonderful husband and collaborator through podcasting. Another thing I’m proud of is my time with the Viscera Film Festival which led to me making my own film.

Fun Fact: Jamie and her husband Brian were married on Friday the 13th! <3

PopHorror: You and Brian are relationship goals!! I know you have some amazing stories, what was your favorite theater

Jamie J. Sammons: By far, watching From Dusk till Dawn, simply because I had no idea what it was about. I was too poor for cable back then so I never saw trailers. A friend who worked in a theater dragged me to see it and I was blown away. That moment when Salma turns…wow! I was looking around wondering if anyone else knew what was going to happen. It was great!!!

PopHorror: In your opinion how has the horror industry changed for females in the
past 40 years?

Jamie J. Sammons: For one, people have definitely taken more notice. I mean, we’ve always been there but people used to think only boys could love scary movies. And now, being a horror actress doesn’t mean you’re there to take off your top. I mean there’s a time and place, of course, but women in horror get a lot more respect. Linnea and Debbie and others like Brinke Stevens have stories about what they went through that would curl your hair. But they stuck with it because they loved horror and that’s why I love them!

PopHorror: What upcoming horror projects/podcasts do you have coming up?

Jamie J. Sammons: Currently it’s really more of the same: Lycan It!, ABCs of Hidden Horror, maybe a resurgence of The Skeleton Crew (which I would love). I’d love to make another film. I’ve had a project kicking around for years that I want to get out there. But Brian (who is a successful author and editor of whom I am extremely proud) and I have plans to co-author a book. That will be my magnum opus. I love working with him!

Fun Fact: Jamie is also part of the Married with Children Podcast!
Fun Fact: Jamie is also part of the Married with Children Podcast!

PopHorror:  I think I speak for everyone when I say we would love a crew reunion tour! What advice do you have for other female horror podcasters out there?

Jamie J. Sammons: I’m not suggesting anyone should listen to me, but I’d say do what you love! I’ve grown tired of negative reviews (doing them, I mean). These days I talk about things I love and that keeps things fresh and interesting for me. Also, if you plan to start a new show, do something new! Find a hook that sets you apart from the crowd. When I started, there wasn’t such a glut. But now the scene is flooded. It’s more important now than ever to bring the creativity. It’s so easy to get lost in the shuffle when there are thousands of shows for listeners to wade through.

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