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WiHM 2020: Interview with Horror Podcaster and Reviewer, Lacy Lou

One of my favorite humans ever is the one and only Lacy Lou. I’ve been friends with her for over 5 years and our friendship began with our love of all things horror. Learn about how she got involved in writing reviews, the podcasts she involved with, exciting upcoming projects, and more.

Lacy lou

PopHorror – Okay Lacy Lou, it’s time for me to bombard you with questions! How long have you had a love of horror?

Lacy Lou – The cliche answer is since the womb right? Haha. But in all honesty, I feel like that is accurate. There is not a time in my life that I didn’t love the genre. It was something I have always gravitated to. I would say that I have a love for film altogether but horror is and always will be my first love. Child’s Play 3 is to thank for it, I would say. I mean it was the first horror film I saw in the movie theater at the young age of 3. In all honesty I feel CP3 gets an unfair amount of hate. It is actually intense and I love the location of it being at the Military School. I mean to go from that to Bride of Chucky where it is just kinda silly there is a big difference.

PopHorror – Very true… I had no clue that was the horror film that “did” it for you. Favorite horror film and why? (Yes, I know the answer already, haha).

Lacy Lou – I feel that anyone who knows me knows that SCREAM is by far my favorite. I mean I did just rant about Child’s Play 3 but Scream is what I live and breathe. I really just love the franchise as a whole. I have come around to 3… but it is certainly the weakest. I love Scream because It encapsulates all of my favorite things in a horror film. It has the comedy, gore, and it’s a slasher but most importantly it’s a WHO DUNNIT! Why are there not more awesome whodunnit’s out there? You have your Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers out there and I don’t know I just feel like Scream is so amazing because it could literally be anyone under that mask. It makes it more real and that is truly terrifying! Wes Craven revamped the slasher genre he did it once before with NOES and now again with Scream. What other director has two iconic slasher franchises? I think that speaks for itself.

PopHorror – Couldn’t agree more! How did you get involved in the Indie Horror Scene?

Lacy Lou – Well now that’s a question! I was always into low budget underground horror films that no one else my age was watching like Sleep Away Camp. I would cruise the horror sections of my local video store and find little gems like that and show them to all my friends at sleepovers. Now obviously those films are so iconic and widely known but in the 90s not so much! It then jumped to films like Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. I think that is what is so cool about indie films, once they gain word of mouth they get such a cult following and it’s amazing to see them grow.

As for writing about Indie horror, that started with you bringing me on to write for PopHorror back in 2016. I don’t think we knew at the time how big of an impact we would have on the indie scene but it’s amazing! I remember it took me back to those days of showing my friends in grade school movies. It’s kinda the same thing. I would scout Netflix or Amazon Prime to find an underground movie that maybe not a lot of people heard of and write reviews about them. I remember writing a review for We Go On and shared the article on Twitter and the actors and director’s both thanked me! I was like holy crap that just happened! Then I wrote a review on my favorite horror film of 2016 called Pet by Carles Torrens and he reached out to me via Facebook and we set up an interview and things like that just kept happening. Instead of me seeking out films, directors were reaching out to me to review their stuff and it was awesome.

PopHorror – Because you are awesome! What is your favorite part of writing and promoting films?

Lacy Lou – By far the connections that you make with like-minded people. I have friends that have turned into family because of all this. It is really crazy how big the world really is. It was like I felt kind of out of place and kind of cool at the same time growing up because I felt like I had all this knowledge into horror films that others didn’t have, now I there are so many people I connect with all over the world. Also, I love discovering new films that blow my mind. I was so elated when I found Brooklyn Ewing’s She was so Pretty. Her cinematography is stunning. I know without a doubt that girl is going places. The fact that we can all go together and promote one another artistically is just incredible.

PopHorror – Hell yes she is! You’ve interviewed a lot of people, who is your favorite thus far?

Lacy Lou – Oh man, I love all the interviews I’ve done. I remember my first big one being Sean Whalen and it was over video Skype. We talked for like an hour. Deb Voorhees was awesome as well. Kane Hodder and Michael Rooker. It’s just awesome that I get to chat with some of my favorite entertainers. I would have to say my all-time personal fave though would have to be Ruby Modine. Some people you just really connect with and she just made me feel so at ease. But seriously I love all my interviews and feel extremely fortunate that they let me pick their brains if only for a few minutes!

PopHorror – I’ve loved all of those interviews and Ruby is great! Maybe one day you’ll get to interview Neve! So, tell us about your Podcasts!

cut to the chase podcast

Lacy Lou – Well if you remember we started Podcasting together! Long live Minds of the Morbid! Even though that show was so short-lived it kinda spawned into this huge outlet for me. My Boyfriend, Dan Chase, former fame of the Skeleton Crew Podcast, had his own show called Cut to the Chase when we first started talking and asked me to be his co-host and the rest is history. We talk mainly horror but we love to speak on any genre. He really inspires me creatively and also looking for new show ideas.

I also just recently started my own show with Derek Bourgeois who has multiple shows of his own as well like Cinema Attack. Our new show is called “They’re Here Podcast”. For that, we are covering underrated gems (or so we think they are) lol. We also give each other an actor or actress and have to watch one of their films that we haven’t seen. Trying to diversify our movie watching! It’s pretty cool.

PopHorror – That’s so awesome! What do you love about podcasting?

Lacy Lou – I love that I get to talk about movies/shows with the people I love. I love watching a movie with Dan and being able to jump on the mic the minute after and dissecting whatever it is we just watched. I love being able to vocalize how I feel. A lot of times in the social media world we live in, the tone is misunderstood because the text is lost in translation so it’s nice to be able to literally have a voice.

PopHorror – Any upcoming projects?

Lacy Lou – Yes!! I have been keeping this one hush hush! But what better time to announce it than Women in horror month. I had hoped to launch it this month but that’s ok! The news is I will be launching an all-female podcast on Horrorphillia Network of podcasts. I don’t want to give too much away but I will have 3 of the biggest badasses in horror podcasting as my co-hosts. It’s going to be a 3-ACT podcast with some very fun things happening. I really think it could be pretty groundbreaking if it goes the way I think it’s going to! We will be cutting a promo for it very very soon!

PopHorror – Well, that’s fucking exciting. I can’t wait! Who are the women who inspire you?

Lacy Lou – Ah so many but to just name a few! My sister Nikki Williams who is a writer, You aka Tori Danielle who is my mentor, Jamie J. Sammons who I just admire through and through, and Brooklyn Ewing who is just out there making her dreams happen with no fucks to give! I seriously am inspired by all ya’ll and would not be where I am without any of you!

PopHorror – Aww that’s so sweet. Thank you! What are your goals for this year?

Lacy Lou – To write more for PopHorror, to connect with other podcasts, to be as creative as possible, to love myself more, to inspire others, and to continue to help and support the horror community!

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