Reyna Gillette

WiHM 2020: Horror Hostess, Filmmaker, and Author Reyna Gillette

Reyna Gillette is another woman in the horror industry who does it all. She’s a filmmaker, author, and horror hostess. Learn about how she got involved in horror everything, the inspiration behind Miss Misery, her book series Monsters, upcoming projects, and more!

Reyna Gillette

PopHorror – Hi Reyna! How’d you get involved in the horror industry?

Reyna Gillette – I began my show The Last Doorway about 13 years ago. I went to conventions interviewing celebrities and indie filmmakers. From there I met lots of people in the industry and began filming more short films. Then eventually feature films. When I was younger I did commercials and kids modeling so entertainment was in my blood. But horror is my favorite genre.

PopHorror – Looks like you knew what you wanted and you made it happen! What’s your favorite horror movie?

Reyna Gillette – John Carpenters Halloween, the first horror film I ever saw. From there, it was Texas Chainsaw and Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street but Halloween will always be my favorite.

PopHorror – Good choices. I’m a Freddy girl! How did becoming a horror host happen aka Miss Misery?

Miss Misery

Reyna Gillette – I grew up on Elvira and always thought how cool it would be to be her. When I started The Last Doorway I knew I needed a persona and then Miss Misery was born. I’ve been a goth girl since forever so it was pretty easy to make her up. Miss Misery is the name of my favorite Elliot Smith song.

PopHorror – That’s awesome. Please tell us about your magazine.

Reyna Gillette – I have a magazine series out through Scattered Comics that’s named after my syndicated television show Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre. I basically host a comic book story from an indie artist. In the magazine, we have pictures and articles and much more…

PopHorror – I love it. So… you have a new Monsters book series, please tell us about that as well.

Reyna Gillette – Monsters is my love letter to the Goosebumps series, I’ve always wanted to do my own kid’s book series like Goosebumps and so I developed Monsters. Right now my tenth book is about to come out and I’m working on my eleventh. It’s been so fun writing them that I’m developing another series for the older crowd like the Fear Street or Christopher Pike books. I’ll probably do a limited 13 books for those. I can’t wait for those to start coming out.

PopHorror – Same here! So, can you elaborate more on what inspired it?

Reyna Gillette – When I was younger I would read a horror book and then grab a binder and draw a cover and write my own scary story. I love to write and I was inspired by R L Stein at a very young age.


PopHorror – That’s so awesome! Do you plan on writing more?

Reyna Gillette – I will write until I can’t write anymore. ?

PopHorror – You better, haha! Any upcoming projects?

Reyna Gillette – I have my fifth feature film in post-production right now, I’m filming and editing season 7 of my tv show Movie Massacre. I have books coming out and I have a book called A Scream in the Night coming out later this year. It’s an anthology book with all female writers. I am excited for this book to come out, Black Bed Sheet Books is releasing it.

PopHorror – Who are the women that inspire you?

Reyna Gillette – I have so many inspirations: Jamie Lee Curtis, Debra Hill, Patty Jenkins, Mary Harron, Ava Duvernay, Catherine Hardwicke, Amy Heckerling, Lady Gaga and so many more!

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