Exclusive: The Wicked One Returns In ‘I See You’ – Check Out The New Poster!

The indie slasher film The Wicked One (see our review here) made waves in the indie horror scene, mostly due to positive word of mouth and a terrifying killer. When I interviewed The Wicked One’s director, Tory Jones (read the interview here), he dropped the first bits of information on a potential sequel. I am pleased to announce that a follow up to The Wicked One called I See You is actively in development and we have the exclusive teaser poster to share with you all. It is definitely a sight to behold!

I See You is the follow to The Wicked One and will see the eponymous slasher return to terrorize once again. The film is expected to shoot next year with Tory Jones reprising his role as director and Nathan Thomas Milliner (from Volumes of Blood and The Confession Of Fred Krueger fame) will be co-writing the script with Jones. Jack Norman will also be returning in the role of The Wicked One. The film will function as a sequel as well as a standalone, taking The Wicked One in a new direction that is accessible to fans of the previous film as well as newcomers to the franchise.

As someone who really enjoyed The Wicked One, I’m looking forward to I See You and where this film takes the story. Are you a fan of The Wicked One? If so, are you looking forward to the sequel? Let us know in the comments and if you haven’t seen the first film yet, be sure to check it out on Amazon Prime and like their Facebook page for all the latest updates!

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