Weird Tales and Ravendesk Games Announce Secret Tabletop RPG

Are you a fan of Weird Tales magazine and/or tabletop role-playing games? Then we have an announcement for you! The folks at Weird Tales and Ravendesk Games are teaming up for a new RPG that might interest you. Read on to find out what we know so far!

Weird Tales and Ravendesk Games are launching a Kickstarter on August 31 2020 for a secret RPG. The details of the project will be announced during a Facebook event just before the Kickstarter launch. The settings will be related to Weird Tales, based on stories printed in the magazine. Ravendesk is known for making RPGs for the science fiction novel, Vurt, and the graphic novel, Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla. The game is being written by James Aquilone (the author behind the Dead Jack novels) and Alexander Lepera (Company Director of Ravendesk).

Does this secret project from Weird Tales and Ravendesk Games interest you? If so check out the Facebook event here tomorrow to find out all the details!

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