Water Webs: ‘Abyssal Spider’ (2020) Trailer News

The trailer for the upcoming horror film, Abyssal Spider, has just been released. It is a Chinese film set to release on September 11, 2020. The film is directed by Joe Chien (Buttonman 2008) and stars Sunny Wang (In Time With You 2011).

The plot revolves around a crew working on a boat in the middle of storm. However, the weather isn’t their only problem when a giant, aquatic spider shows itself.

This two-minute trailer does a great job of showing nothing. Really! A lot of horror trailers show too much, but the Abyssal Spider trailer is fantastic, really leaving everything to the viewer’s imagination.

Comparisons To Other Films

The poster is unsettling; the giant, red-eyed spider hovering over a ship has freaked me out more than you know. It looks a lot like the poster to Tarantula! (1955), which was a fabulous movie.

The alternate poster is good, but not as effective. In this one, we see the sheer size of the arachnid as it hides in the water. The marketing team did a great job of teasing the viewers, because we still don’t know what the spider looks like in the film.

What this reminds of is Spiders II: Breeding Ground (2001), which was shown on the SyFy channel in the early 2000s. Like Abyssal Spider, Spiders II takes place on a giant ship with a crew being hunted by multiple arachnids.

Terrifying Potential 

I was very impressed with both the trailer and poster. They do a great job at building suspense without showing too much. The poster is showed more, obviously, but it’s well-done artwork.

The film is set to debut in a few weeks in China; however, there has been no word on a United States release. I’m looking forward to watching it, even though I have terrible arachnophobia. It looks like a fun movie with a lot of potential.

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