Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories Teaser Posters Part Deux

Ever since I watched and reviewed P.J. Starks’ 2015 anthology Volumes of Blood, released through Legless Corpse Films this past March, I’ve been anxious for more from this indie gorehound and his crew. So when I heard that a part two to the film, titled Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories, was in the works and was due out this Halloween, I knew I had to investigate further. So far, I’ve discovered a set of teaser posters and found out The Walking Dead’s Moses Moseley is starring in one of the shorts. After a few weeks with no news, some shiny new info was dropped into my lap. It seems as if those first few posters are not the only ones out there. I found some more – check ’em out!

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That mask though…

I certainly wouldn’t want any of those guys hanging out in my house, even before I lived there. I can just imagine what went down.

Official synopsis for Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories: A couple plan to purchase an old home, but would like one last tour before the closing. They’re guided around the estate by a creepy realtor that may have more in store for them than they bargained for. Searching floor by floor, the couple begin to discover evidence of its sordid and terrifying past…

A popular ’80s franchise gets a modern upgrade, but at what price? On Halloween night, a teen who left home alone meets a trick or treater who wants more than just candy. A door to door insurance salesman makes a Thanksgiving house call with monstrous consequences. Andrew and Sara are happily married and plan on spending some quality time together, but something sinister has other plans for their evening. Carol’s Christmas Eve turns into a fight for survival when a vengeful stranger isn’t feeling the holiday spirit. Lastly, a birthday party turns bloody when some unexpected guests drop by at the wrong time.

Seven interwoven tales of terror… how many stories does your house have?

Not only will we get to see what Moses Moseley is up to in this new film, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories will also feature the acting debut of WWE legend Sir Mo as well as original music by former Evanescence musician Rocky Gray and Shane Prather, composer of the scores from Sinister Squad (2016), Lavalantula (2015) and Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016). Death metal band Soul Embraced is even lending their newest single to the film’s soundtrack.

With multiple stories comes multiple directors, and in Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories, we’ve got seven: Nathan Thomas Milliner (The Confession of Fred Krueger 2015), producer Jakob Bilinski (Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh 2014), Sean Blevins (A Brush With Death 2015), James Treakle (Ezekiel’s Landing 2015), John William Holt (The Dooms Chapel Horror 2016), Jon Maynard (Nearly Dead 2012) and Justin Seaman (The Barn 2016). Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available!


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