Viral Films UK Launching Crowdfunder For ‘Into The Black Abyss: Deathstream’

Long time readers know that we are big fans of Mark Daniel Young and James Craigie’s Viral Films UK over here at PopHorror. In the past, we’ve reviewed their shorts, For Her… (2017 – read the review here) and Run (2016 – read the review here), and are always up for more content from them. So, when we heard that they were trying to get another project, Into the Black Abyss: Deathstream, off the ground through crowdfunding, we knew we had to let the public know more.

From the IndieGoGo campaign page:

Into the Black Abyss: Deathstream takes a lot of influences from many different sub-genres of Horror, Including Found Footage, Point of View Horror, Tech Horror, Home Invasion, and Cult Horror.

The movie follows Zach, a 28 year-old online gamer who makes a living streaming his gameplay videos online. One night during a live stream, things get a little strange. Viewers see faces at his window. Odd noises can be heard outside his house. And things go from bad to worse when a group of masked individuals break into his home. Zach captures the events on camera, streamed live to anyone who happens to be watching. Soon, it becomes clear there are far more sinister motives at work, and Zach will have to fight his way to freedom.

Into the Black Abyss: Deathstream is an extremely visceral experience that’s as tense as it is bloody.

Here’s the pitch/proof of concept video:

From the IndieGoGo campaign page:

We shot this not only to convey our ideas in a visual representation, but to show how tense, terrifying and visceral this movie is. This is truly one of our most complex films, not only story-wise but technically, too. We want every contributor to know just how serious we are about pulling off all the crazy carnage in our 72 page script.

Watch Viral Films UK’s Run below:

From the IndieGoGo campaign page:

Working with extremely tight budgets and under pressure and time constraints, we were able to produce our films to a high standard and gain some critical acclaim in the process. Our dedication to great filmmaking and engaging storytelling carries through to this project, and although thematically, Into the Black Abyss: Deathstream is very different to anything we have achieved to date, our passion for what we do is still very much there and alive.

We plan to shoot the 72 page script at the beginning of January 2021 right through until March of 2021, when we will start the massive task of post production. We are hoping the final film to be around 75-80 minutes long, and once completed, we will be sending out all the rewards you lovely people have paid for.

Looking further into the future, we would love to get the movie into as many film festivals as possible and maybe even find distribution for it. We think our script is very different to anything out there at the moment, while still retaining elements from several popular horror sub-genres that will feel familiar.

As of this time, we aren’t planning to produce a physical Blu-Ray or DVD release of the movie. As stated above, we think this movie is strong enough to do well at festivals and possibly get proper distribution. However, in the future, we plan to launch the film on Amazon Prime Video.

Check out the trailer for For Her… below:

The announced cast so far includes newcomer Matt Squance and Viral Films UK alum Derek Nelson (Werewolves Of The Third Reich 2017, Jurassic Predator 2018, For Her… 2017 – read our review here). Also returning are Director/Writer/Producer Daniel Mark Young, Actor/Co-Writer/Producer James Craigie, and Cinematographer/Producer Michelle Craigie, while Paul Downey (For The Love Of The Boogeyman: 40 Years Of Halloween 2018 – read our review here) joins on as executive producer. 

From the IndieGoGo campaign page:

Music isn’t necessarily something you consider an integral part of a Found Footage-style movie, but the film’s director, Daniel Mark Young, will be taking charge of writing Into the Black Abyss: Deathstream’s score, creating a terrifying soundscape that leans much more into sound design than a traditional musical score.

However, we have teamed up with Degenerate from the Netherlands, who will provide their song, “Incarnated,” for the movie’s soundtrack.

Have a listen to “Incarnated” below!


Doesn’t this film sound like it will be lots of fun? If you want to be a part of it all, check out the Into The Black Abyss: Deathstream IndieGoGo campaign page and see what you can do to help!

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