Upcoming Lovecraft-Inspired Film, ‘The Quantum Terror,’ Promises Love, Madness And Tentacles

Recently unveiled from writer/director Christopher Cooksey (Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey 2013) is the trailer for his Lovecraft-inspired, indie horror film, The Quantum Terror

Conceived many moons ago, The Quantum Terror has continued to be a labor of love for Cooksey, who also happens to be a practical effects wizard and former team member at StudioADI, a legendary FX company is known for their work on the Alien franchise, Tremors (1990), Starship Troopers (1997) and more. Christopher has even lovingly made tutorial videos in the past – fun, efficient and inventive solutions on how to help create low budget FX for fellow fans and independent filmmakers, in addition to creating episodes of The Practical People, a web based series where he interviews some of the most inspiring contributors in the industry. 

Paying homage to master storyteller H.P. Lovecraft and tapping into his lifelong love of the genre and utilizing his talents, Christopher has seemingly crafted one compelling piece of horror as seen in the recently released trailer for The Quantum Terror


After learning that her twin sister Sylvia is missing, Samantha makes her way to the small college town where she was last seen. Once there, she meets up with a sociopathic grad student named Jacob, who claims he knows how to find her. According to him, the two of them were working together on a thesis based on old occult texts that seem to break down the boundaries between quantum physics and magic. However, the knowledge drove her sister to madness and caused her to go into hiding within nearby underground wash tunnels, a place she claimed to be the home to creatures from another dimension. Now, accompanied by Jacob, her ex-lover Lucy, and a young man named Noah, Sam will journey down into a subterranean realm of monsters and insanity. 

The Quantum Terror stars Kristen Cochell, Paula Marcenaro Solinger, Matt Blackwell and Val Mayerik, who is the co-creator of the cult comic, Howard The Duck

Be sure to follow The Quantum Terror on Facebook here as well as passionate filmmaker Christopher Cooksey on Twitter @TotalMoonlight to help support indie horror and keep up to date on this exciting new entry coming our way sometime this year!  

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