News: Upcoming Horror Short Film – The Presence (2017)

Horror shorts are tricky. They need to be able to capture the viewer’s attention in a small amount of time without revealing too much or too little. They’re becoming quite popular and there’s plenty of great ones coming out this year. One of them that I’m looking forward to is The Presence.

the presence

The Presence is an upcoming supernatural horror short that is written by award-winning screenwriter Arturo Portillo (Die Die Delta Pi) and directed by Nick Hunt (Safe Place). Shooting will begin on February 3rd in Titusville, Florida and casting will be announced Tuesday! We will announce that as soon as it comes out and we can’t wait to see who will be playing in this short.

Official Synopsis:

“The film is about a devoted couple being tormented outside their apartment by someone or something while trying to enjoy a intimate bottle of wine together.”

Although this is a relatively new production, we’re excited about what we know for and the people creating it are amazing!  Once we know more we will update you with pictures, news, reviews, and interviews. Until then we know that it will be released sometime this summer. Make sure to check out their Facebook and give them some love as well.

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