Upcoming Anthology ‘Cryptids’ Starring Joe Bob Briggs Kicks Off Funding Campaign

If you’ve spent any time here at PopHorror, you’ll have noticed our love of horror anthologies, most especially P.J. Starks’ Volumes of Blood franchise and Zane Hershberger’s 10/31 double feature. We’re also huge fans of Justin M. Seaman’s The Barn, and the ultimate movie host, Joe Bob Briggs. So, why am I bringing all this up? Some of our most beloved filmmakers have announced that they’ve gotten together to create a brand new anthology, Cryptids, and Joe Bob Briggs is leading the pack!

This is what we know so far …

Indie horror producing team Justin M. Seaman (The Barn, The Barn Part II) and Zane Hershberger (Force to Fear, 10/31) are creating a new creature feature anthology that brings the things that go bump in the night to life with Joe Bob Briggs in Cryptids.

Cryptids takes place in a radio station during a show called The Truth Serum hosted by Major Harlan Dean (Briggs). On tonight’s episode, Harlan decides to tackle the topic of cryptozoology, but as the phone lines light up and the calls come in, each caller’s stories become increasingly more bizarre, and Harlan starts to question if real dangers are lurking outside the station.

The film is a tribute to films and television shows like Creepshow, Monsters, Tales from the Darkside and Tales from the Crypt, while using as much practical FX with the monsters as we can and keeping the CGI to a minimum. You can expect to see such legends as Bigfoot, Loveland Frogman, Chupacubras, the Beast of Bladenboro, Dover Demon, the Mothman, and more!

Indie filmmakers that have joined the project and directed segments include: Brett DeJager (Bonejangles), Max Groah (Bong of the Living Dead), Johnny William Holt of (The Dooms Chapel Horror) and Billy Pon (Circus of the Dead). Also executive producing the projecting is P.J. Starks (Volumes of Blood, 13 Slays of Christmas).

An Indiegogo campaign is currently active to help wrap up the production and some of the perks include signed Blu-rays, DVDs and posters signed by the filmmakers and even Joe Bob Briggs himself. You can find more information and support the project here.

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