Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Adds ‘Creepshow; to the Lineup

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is one of the leading Halloween haunt attractions that is sure to give your thrills, chills and down right scare the shit out of you. This year’s event is to feature an all-new slate of unrivaled film production quality mazes and terrifying scare zones influenced by today’s most definitive horror properties. Halloween Horror Nights Executive Producer John Murdy delivered exciting news this past weekend during their Midsummer Scream panel. Creepshow is an all-new maze that will be a mixture of the original Creepshow movie, directed by the legendary George A. Romero, and the reimagined Shudder anthology series directed by Greg Nicotero. The award-winning makeup artist, director and executive producer has worked with Universal Studios on several projects for Halloween Horror Nights – and this year, he is “paying tribute to the legendary filmmaker and introducing this incredible anthology series to fans old and new.”

The Creepshow property will guide attendees through the maze as the creep comes to life from the pages of the comics. The maze will consist of five stories:

Father’s Day:

A cruel, wealthy patriarch murdered by his long-suffering daughter rises from the grave as a maggot-infested corpse to take revenge on his inheritors.

The Crate:


An unlucky janitor at a small East Coast college finds a long-forgotten shipping crate containing a ravenous beast that’s been hibernating for over a hundred years.

They’re Creeping Up On You:

An eccentric billionaire in a hermetically-sealed “germ proof” Manhattan penthouse apartment experiences a terrifying pest problem during a citywide blackout.

Gray Matter:

An alcoholic factory worker unknowingly ingests a strange mutagen in his beer that unleashes an alien fungus that takes over his rundown apartment and his entire body.

Bad Wolf Down:

A decimated American army platoon overwhelmed by the German army during World War II unexpectedly turns into a pack of werewolves during a full moon.

With 10 mazes for 2019, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood is sure to taunt, terrorize and torment guest without disappointment. Be sure to follow Universal Studios Hollywood on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter  as John Murdy reveals more exclusive information.

All tickets are on sale now, click here to purchase from select nights starting September 13, 2019.

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