Toxic Tutu

Troma’s ‘Toxic Tutu’ Hits DVD and Streaming Platforms

More than 30 years after starring in Troma Entertainment’s cult classic horror-comedy The Toxic Avenger, Mark Torgl – AKA Melvin the Mop Boy – resurfaces at a fan convention, only to be abducted. Sound crazy? Troma’s newest film, Toxic Tutu, is an homage to the original cult classic horror comedy and explains what became of the Mop Boy after all these years. The movie stars Lloyd Kaufman himself and reunites a big chunk of The Toxic Avenger cast for the first time in 3 decades.

Check out this crazy trailer, then read on for all the details!

Toxic Tutu synopsis

As toxic penis substance makes it’s way into city streets, Troma fans launch a search to find their missing leader, Lloyd Kaufman. Desperate to locate the coveted “oasis” linked to this unusual substance, The Toxic Avenger’s Melvin the Mop Boy, Mark Torgl hunts down the rumored source desperate to replace his diminishing stash.

With the turmoil of his abduction and thirty-year quest behind him, Mark encounters Kaufman at the foot of the oasis. The creator immediately welcomes his beloved “Mop Boy,” but not without dubious admonishments. He then ingratiates his little Melvin with a special role by dubbing him, “LEADER OF THE TROMITES!” Mark, now faced with the troma-tic obligation to cease all earthly disturbances caused by this toxic penis substance that has taken it’s toll on fans who’ve succumb to it, fears his mop will not be up to the task!

Torgl and Kaufman star alongside Survivor alum Jonny Fairplay, legendary action star Mel Novak (Game of Death 1978, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance 2015), Author Frank Messina, pro wrestling legends Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant, indie horror staples Shawn C. Phillips (Dead Ant 2017 – read our review here) and Attack Of The Killer Chickens’ Genoveva Rossi (read our interview with her here), Don’t Fuck In The Woods’ Nadia White (read our interview with her here) and Diana Prince (Bunnyman Vengeance 2017).

Can this movie be as crazy as it sounds? I bet it’s even crazier! Especially after watching that BONKERS trailer! Check out the official poster art.

Toxic Tutu

Final Thoughts

Toxic Tutu is now available worldwide on DVD. You can find it online at Walmart, FYE, Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Chemical Burn Entertainment. The film is also streaming on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, VUDU, and Apple iTunes.

Hilarious! I love Troma films. They have such a great sense of humor. The Toxic Avenger, in a lot of ways, started it all. This looks like a fun continuation of that legend.

What do you think? Will you check out Toxic Tutu on DVD or on demand? Tell us in the comments!

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